Curators [noun]

Definition of Curators:

caretaker of collection

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Sentence/Example of Curators:

The realization that meteorites hold organic compounds is not new, according to Philipp Heck, a curator at the Field Museum and lead author of the study.

Maltol can be found in all kinds of sweet treats from baked goods to coffee, says Tony Aiello, the curator of horticulture at Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia.

Still, music streaming services remain reliant on human curators and music editors.

From CT scans of specimens, she and her co-author David Blackburn, the associate curator of herpetology at the University of Florida, learned that even the thickest, roundest frogs are capable of great power—and not from their lower body as expected.

His fact-checking news curator company, Logically, promises to tear down echo chambers and fight fake news.

In 1876 he was appointed curator of the geological museum in his native city, and assistant on the Geological Survey.

The curator of his city sent him in chains to the proconsul.

Did some conservative curator slily conceal them before the fatal mandate was executed?

John de Groot filled the place of Curator with great dignity and honour.

The Museum was given up to Indian arts and manufactures, and anybody who sought wisdom could ask the curator to explain.