Deadheads [noun]

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What we should do, we knew, was to deadhead our horses back into the Park as soon as they had had a little rest.

It was said that a deadhead could not borrow a sheet of writing paper in the capitol, nor in a county court-house.

The farmer's features did not conceal his disgust when he discovered that his seat-mate was a deadhead.

You'll be a deadhead yourself if you ain't careful, young feller!

Two people I know, they just went deadhead for ten thousand years!

Each one who could recite or do anything did it, and it was appreciated by a deadhead audience, something unusual nowadays.

He travels from Ohio to the gulf, but not in a palace car nor on a deadhead ticket.

When this happens we examine the professional deadhead with interest.

No tanks or pumps or burners rode deadhead after they ceased to be useful.

Her family had trained her to deadhead her way through life and she did it.