Denomination [noun]

Definition of Denomination:

religious belief

Synonyms of Denomination:

Opposite/Antonyms of Denomination:

Sentence/Example of Denomination:

The “Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation” would allow the departing congregations to keep their property and give them $25 million to form a new denomination.

No more than one convent of each denomination is allowed to subsist, and great checks are put on the profession of new members.

He heard the arithmetic class reciting and learned that only things of the same denomination can be subtracted from each other.

While alone and contented, I was all right, but to return to the denomination would mean to leave both robe and title behind.

He should have taken those bills far away and had them exchanged for money of smaller denomination.

After the Mormon fiasco and the evaporation of the Fieldingites, another denomination took it.

Masses are said here, and services held, on the plan pursued at other chapels of the same denomination.

The second circuit includes no country place except Brindle, where the denomination has a good chapel.

This was done on the advice of Mr. John Phillip, of Wrentham—a godly minister of great influence in his denomination in his day.

Edwards has given a figure and description of this animal by the denomination of the pig-tailed ape.