Designating [verb]

Definition of Designating:

name, entitle

Synonyms of Designating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Designating:


Sentence/Example of Designating:

This could include reserving vaccines in under-resourced racial and ethnic minority communities for local residents and designating senior hours for those 65 and older.

You’ll need to charge and connect your own power bank, which can easily slide into the designated built-in pocket.

Teams will still have the ability to sign up to three high-priced players, known as designated players, beyond typical salary restrictions.

The sickliest one, whom I designated a female and named Truffles, couldn’t crack the shells.

The bill specifically designates English-learners, migrant students, homeless students, low-income students, foster youth and disengaged students as those eligible to receive support.

With Arriola departing, United is left with one designated player, Peruvian midfielder Edison Flores.

When asked, local police have said little about how the company’s software — run out the San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center, a federally designated “fusion center” that provides regional intelligence — is used.

After the update, a “Passwords” section appeared in the app designated by the iCloud Keychain logo.

Trending topics and search keywords differ around the globe and VPN can help access the web as if your marketing agency was located in the designated country or region.

Groups are citing the same event to shape different narratives and designating a different enemy.