Diabolically [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Diabolically:

To the old ringer, Death, who before had grinned so diabolically, is a gentle and trusted friend.

It was quite diabolically clever, and beyond all question the filthiest thing I have ever read.

Another of the myths common in this country about Japan is that her people are all brilliantly, almost diabolically, clever.

And Langholm grinned with set teeth as he turned back to this passage: he would be diabolically safe.

A mechanism so cleverly fashioned by the genius of man that it stood diabolically upon the threshhold of humanity!

The expression of the face was diabolically malignant, and as it gazed straight at me my horror was as intense as my wonder.

But she was diabolically cunning and sharp, and knew how to seem a highly educated, advanced person in company.

Yes, it was clever, it was diabolically clever; but you know what Bobby Burns says about the best-laid schemes of mice and men.

Imagine the universe sage and philosophical; agree that it would be a most diabolically gloomy spot.

I think this is the most diabolically treacherous plot that ever mind of man conceived and human heartlessness executed.