Dictation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dictation:

During so long drawn out a suspense I tried to ease the tension by dictation.

If the dictation of his will as a law in reference to the service had been sufficient, he would not otherwise have enjoined it.

This I am writing by dictation, and really think it is an art I can manage to acquire.

At last he spoke in a low tone to the avocat, who quickly began writing at his dictation.

The result was that the bank resisted, and refused the required acquiescence in the dictation of the treasury.

I added a postscript unknown to her, to her last letter to him which I wrote at her dictation.

I slipped up-town to get a bite while Fred May was spelling me at the dictation desk, and I heard some of the talk.

Mammy had been Mrs. Carruths nurse down souf and still regarded that dignified lady as her chile, and subject to her dictation.

The work is clearly laid out and graded; reviews are amply provided, both by duplication and by dictation work.

To submit to the dictation of the King in a spiritual matter was to undermine the authority of Rome.