Dredging [verb]

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The present method of dredging is of the “hit or miss” character, while the submarine method is capable of thorough work.

Well, just at the last moment there came a sudden flush of current, dredging through the tangles like a wave.

The dredging for scallops, another molluscan delicacy, forms an important industry along certain parts of the eastern coast.

The dredging party reached the land just in time; and the sea-ice drifted away to the north.

As the water was too deep for dredging, Harrisson manufactured cage-traps and secured some fish, a squid, and other specimens.

We went out on skis to reconnoitre, and found that the nearest "lead" was too far away to make dredging a safe proposition.

Hamilton was busy, about this time, dredging in swamp pools and securing specimens of the rockhopper or gentoo penguin.

Those on board had had a busy time dredging, and their results were just as successful as ours.

Although a careful examination and dredging of the river failed to produce the body, Smith was committed for trial.

A boat's crew recently left Newhaven pier for the oyster dredging in the Firth of Forth.