Driver [noun]

Definition of Driver:

person who engineers vehicle

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Sentence/Example of Driver:

Looking at cost drivers and how they link with revenue is a strategic exercise in itself, as it highlights what elements clients are willing to pay for, where to optimize costs, or what new services can appear.

Its Tasty and Goodful verticals have been the primary drivers of the company’s licensing business, with a line of cookware under Tasty that’s sold at Walmart.

For starters, it’s not Uber that owns its cars—its drivers do.

That included training dogs to sniff out dead wild boar, stockpiling electric fences along the eastern border and urging drivers not to toss ham-sandwich scraps out the window.

So, you’d have buses that would— and the bus drivers would be tested, and the buses would be wiped down.

You’ll then see all the types of information 1Password can hold—from Wi-Fi login details to driver licenses—and you can pick what you want to create.

For most of us the fundamental driver of self-esteem happens to be work because of the long hours and energy that we commit to work.

They believe an unidentified person or entity is acting as an intermediary between Amazon and the drivers and charging drivers to secure more routes, which is against Amazon’s policies.

Since May, Uber drivers have been required to verify that they are wearing masks through the selfie feature on the app before going online.

In 2013, Maryland became the first state on the East Coast to allow persons unable to provide proof of legal status to obtain driver licenses.