Drivers [noun]

Definition of Drivers:

person who engineers vehicle

Synonyms of Drivers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drivers:

Sentence/Example of Drivers:

The last engine I erected was about three weeks since, for a farmer that kept four horses and two drivers.

This system, which we found in operation in many places, is the means of saving motor drivers from numerous fines.

Sometimes the drivers lash at him with their long whips but he is too quick for them and scampers out of their reach.

For several days we have again met very large trains of oxen, some of the drivers of which had their families with them.

Then the conversation turned upon the feud that existed between Viking and Sunburst, the river-drivers and the fishers.

A score of river-drivers were marching down through the village, mocking the fishers and making wild mirth.

No two classes of people could be more unlike than the salmon-fishers of Sunburst and the mill-hands and river-drivers of Viking.

I did not tell him that there had been one or two disturbances between the river-drivers and the salmon-fishers.

They told me, as I had guessed, that they expected an attack on the village by the mill-hands and river-drivers of Viking.

The river-drivers had halted not many yards away, cool, determined and quiet, save for a little muttering.