Eked [verb]

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The coronavirus continued to hammer Disney in the final months of 2020, with the company’s revenue dropping 22 percent over the holiday period while it eked out a much smaller profit than usual.

She had no ambition whatever, and merely hoped to be able to eke out in this way her slender resources.

John Gilpin was a citizen of credit and renown; A train-band captain eke was he, of famous London town.

So stooping down, as needs he must who cannot sit upright, He grasped the mane with both his hands, and eke with all his might.

These you can eke out by working late into the night, and rising when the day dawns.

Should he chance to break a leg, or she a limb, the inevitable exposure of the pedal condition is alarming and eke humiliating.

Far from it; he is a cleanly—almost a godly-hog, preternaturally fair of exterior, and eke fastidious of appetite.

During this time he had been obliged to pinch himself in a thousand ways in order to eke out his modest allowance.

In this way these highlanders eke out their meager supply of meat.

They get rid of bits of bread, and at the same time give an air to a dish while they help eke it out.