Emperor [noun]

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If anyone were to believe that this was meant just metaphorically, Prokopios even goes on to write that those who spent time with the emperor late into the night would see a ghost instead of his bodily form.

It appears the past four years have exposed this nation as an emperor with no clothes.

At the bottom of the world, hundreds of thousands of emperor penguins emerge from the sea each April to trek over 50 miles to their inland colonies.

Patches of penguin poop spotted in new high-resolution satellite images of Antarctica reveal a handful of small, previously overlooked emperor penguin colonies.

As opposed to the crowd-pleasing projects sanctioned by the emperor, the monument was actually commissioned by the Roman Senate, on the occasion of Augustus’ return to Rome in 13 BC.

However, on reaching Spain, the magic of the Emperor's personality soon restored the vigour and prestige of the French arms.

In passing to her own chamber she met the Emperor, and, in the agitation of her maternal fears, told him all that had passed.

The first rail road opened in Brazil, the emperor and empress being present at the inauguration.

At the end of the campaign the Emperor justly rewarded his lieutenant by creating him Prince of Wagram.

The emperor Nicholas of Russia declared, by ukase, his purpose to assist Austria.