Explications [noun]

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On his visit to England he was admitted fellow of the Royal society, and deserved it by his explication of Stonehenge.

Though names have no influence on Nature, yet an explication of them is doing service to those who study her productions.

Dr. Blacks discovery of latent heat, however, has afforded a very easy and natural explication of this phenomenon.

There is throughout a unity of purpose in the explication and embellishment of history which will be considered later.

We shall add, at the end, the appellative names contained in the laws, with their original and explication.

Lest upon this generality ungodly men take occasion to cavil, this we add for explication.

His argument in itself is good, but his explication of it is sometimes in fault.

His creed was of too extraordinary a kind not to merit explication.

No marginal notes were to be used, except for the further explication of some Greek or Hebrew word.

The Explication––which Aristotle had in mind when he stated that every story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.