Flirty [adjective]

Definition of Flirty:


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Sentence/Example of Flirty:

I liked her better when she was flighty and flirty, that I did—a deal better.

If there is anything on earth that I detest, it is a flirty married woman.

When your disdainful looks classed me with a flirty kitchen-wench I rebelled at last.

To relieve the tedium some of the young fellows who were in the crowd began to chaff some of the lassies in a flirty way.

From thirty to fifty Lady Kirkbank had been known as a flirty matron.

I think she's a nasty, flirty, stuck-up thing; that's what I think!

There are the Harewoods, but they are silly and flirty, and I don't care for them.

"Well, many a flirty girl has settled into a very respectable married woman," continued Tom.