Ford [verb]

Definition of Ford:

stretch over

Synonyms of Ford:

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Sentence/Example of Ford:

During this day the party had to cross a river which was too deep to ford, and over which there was no sort of bridge.

Passing some way along the water side, he found the banks high and the water deep, and no ford but the one he had crossed.

He kept the ford; and, when his men came up, they found fourteen slain, and the rest in retreat.

And soon the wooded hills were dotted with small herds moving toward the ford.

Soon the ford was filled, and the reindeer began to press up the narrow river valley.

"I think at least one of us ought to stay here until Mr. Ford comes," said Pepper.

"I think this is assuredly worth looking into, Jack," said Rossmore Ford, slowly.

Mrs. Ford was a handsome woman, prominent in the social circles of Deepdale.

"The art club, this morning," replied Mrs. Ford, her eyes approving the fair prettiness of her daughter.

Readers of the present volume must already feel very well acquainted with Grace Ford.