Fronting [verb]

Definition of Fronting:

look out on to

Synonyms of Fronting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fronting:

Sentence/Example of Fronting:

Fifteen years prior to the commencement of our story, Dorothy had been found by farmer Rushmere on the wild common fronting them.

The houses rise in terraces up the sharp hillside fronting the harbor, which was literally a forest of fishing-boat masts.

Oban is modern, a place of many and excellent hotels fronting on the bay.

The rectory, which is directly by the church, is a very old building, though it has been modernized on the side fronting the road.

For two or three miles fronting the beach there is a row of hotels, some of them most palatial.

Together they came to the granite seat and sank to it side by side, fronting the placid river.

Then the hotels and villas fronting the sea are closed, and their windows boarded up.

Coffee in a saloon or pavilion, fronting the garden and lawn, immediately follows the dinner: this consumes about two hours.

The scenery here did not consist exclusively of two lofty ramparts fronting each other.

The Spanish troops at this place were remarkably polite, always fronting and saluting when I passed.