Gurgle [noun]

Definition of Gurgle:

burble, murmur

Synonyms of Gurgle:











Opposite/Antonyms of Gurgle:


Sentence/Example of Gurgle:

Laughing at intervals that low gurgle which sprang from fear, as some wild bird would start up at his approach, he plodded on.

The next instant he sank back with a gurgle in his throat and a knife thrust in his side.

Elsie jumped up with a little gurgle of joy and ran ahead of her mother to the 25 flower.

Then there was a loud scream that died in a weltering gurgle.

His eyes closed tight, and there was a funny gurgle in his throat.

There were a few minutes while the water began to gurgle down through the dry pipe.

Gagged and bound, Fordak was helpless to do more than gurgle and sweat as Javan knelt and bared one of his feet.

The "tikler" was turned up again, and gurgle, gurgle, gurgle sang the fiery spirits.

All at once Mr. C., at the further end from me, began to gurgle and groan like a person in an epileptic fit.

The poor wretch gave a reviving moan, so I felt emboldened to steady the jug and let drop by drop gurgle down its throat.