Gymnasium [noun]

Definition of Gymnasium:

arena for sports, recreation

Synonyms of Gymnasium:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gymnasium:


Sentence/Example of Gymnasium:

He asked a man mopping the gymnasium floor where he could find the principal.

Wielding batons and shields, officers marched the prisoners into a gymnasium and conducted a series of strip-searches, according to a lawsuit the women filed in federal court.

He lives alone in a Madison apartment, studies mostly online, works out at a gymnasium, and shops and cooks for himself.

Another video showed a life-size whale splashing through a school gymnasium.

They entered a large room which combined the characteristics of a library with those of a military gymnasium.

He said he didn't take the watch and chain, that he found them in the gymnasium near the lockers.

Special classes have been opened at the gymnasium for the religious instruction of Jewish pupils.

Soldiers were already stacking up the chairs ready for the clearance of the gymnasium for the morrow.

Smyrna therefore was situated near the present gymnasium, at the back of the present city, but between Tracheia and Lepre Acta.

These are distributed in various places, but the greatest part of them are deposited in the Dionysium and in the gymnasium.