Hemisphere [noun]

Definition of Hemisphere:

one of two equal parts of a whole

Synonyms of Hemisphere:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hemisphere:


Sentence/Example of Hemisphere:

Garvey invited dozens of countries to join him in Jamaica, where he resided at the time, to “mark the progress the race has made” on the hemisphere.

Official reports showed historically low levels of flu-like illness among children and adults beginning in May, usually the start of flu season in that hemisphere.

Ski and snowboard teams typically send 100 or so people to the southern hemisphere — Chile, Argentina, New Zealand — to take advantage of fresh snow.

After the spy ring was crushed, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile definitively broke with Axis powers and sided with Allied powers, eliminating the threat that the western hemisphere would fall.

In the southern hemisphere, they’ll glow in the western sky.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Haiti, and it is absolutely unconscionable the way that Haiti has had to exist right here in this hemisphere.

The leftover northern hemisphere is the Grassmannian formed by one-dimensional lines in three-dimensional space.

To investigate whether this could have happened on Mars, Ojha and his colleagues estimated both the thickness of ice deposits in the planet’s southern hemisphere and the planet’s average annual surface temperature.

Vincent, 42, is planning for his facility to become the main southern hemisphere hub for long-term aircraft storage, even after the pandemic is over.

Australia and New Zealand and nearby islands lie in that hemisphere, too.