Hookah [noun]

Definition of Hookah:

pipe through which water moves

Synonyms of Hookah:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hookah:


Sentence/Example of Hookah:

In the weeks following the mayor’s announcement, SDPD issued municipal code violations against the owners and managers of five businesses, mostly restaurants and a hookah lounge, that had been the subjects of complaints.

He, with others, thinking the miss-sahib had gone to church, was smoking the hookah of gossip in a neighboring compound.

Only the choicest tobacco is used with the hookah and nargeeleh; it is grown in Persia.

My new acquaintance called for a hookah and sherbet, and in a few moments we were on excellent terms.

Reclining on his divan in the old Turkish style, and smoking his hookah, Ibrahim listened to Murray's communication.

When his feeble love is sated, he will hold thee surely then Something lower than his hookah, something less than his cayenne.

His first act, after seating himself cross-legged on a carpet in a marble and tessellated recess, was to call for a hookah.

“I said that I wish you to finish the drawing by introducing a figure,” returned Ben-Ahmed, taking a long draw at the hookah.

He found the Moor seated cross-legged on a carpet, smoking his hookah, with only a negress in attendance.

The hakim, still squatting, slid over his hookah with a friendly foot, and Kim pulled at the good weed.