Housemaid [noun]

Definition of Housemaid:

female who performs housework

Synonyms of Housemaid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Housemaid:


Sentence/Example of Housemaid:

An Irish housemaid who was sent to call a gentleman to dinner, found him engaged in using a tooth-brush.

The crickets chirped merrily upon the hearth of the housemaid's pantry, where the remains of a fire still smouldered.

He allowed himself to be cut free from the salmon line and dragged behind a kind of housemaid's closet at the foot of the stairs.

He lay on the couch with his face buried in the pillows, and thinking it was the housemaid he said, "Come in," without looking up.

Early the next morning, when the housemaid had opened my front door, there was Pritchard sitting outside.

It was a housemaid's cupboard, but it was very inconvenient—and there isn't a housemaid as a matter of fact—so I secured it.

The housemaid gave utterance to the same sentiments in language more violent.

Mrs. Rogers employed three servants besides a coachman: a cook, a housemaid, and a tablemaid.

"Miss Peggy, your mamma's ready for your lessons," came the housemaid's voice at the door, and Peggy hurried off.

Nurse rang the bell lustily, and the housemaid came running to see what was the matter.