Maid [noun]

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A third of the city’s workers are informal — street vendors, delivery men, maids.

You can also summon Bonehilda, a fan-favorite skeletal maid from previous “Sims” games, to keep the house in order.

After she returns home from her errands, Clarissa chats with her husband Richard, mends a tear in her party dress, is surprised when Peter, an old flame, comes to visit and, with her maid Lucy, makes sure that everything’s ready for the gathering.

They are maids, nannies, cooks, plumbers, laborers and clerks.

Finding him awake, he sat by his side and, with the earnestness of a nursery-maid, patted him off to slumber.

Why, he ordered his chamber-maid to bring him some soap and warm water, that he might wash the sour krout off his hands.

A trim maid then brought in the tea equipage, and Georgie did the honours with her usual unaffected grace.

When I am an old maid I am going to mount the platform and preach the training of the voice in childhood.

And Mrs. Haggard, after attempting to soothe the wounded feelings of her maid, directed her to accompany them.

She rose impatiently and bathed her eyes before ringing for the maid to lace her for dinner—it was long past tea-time.