Hunter [noun]

Definition of Hunter:

a person who hunts

Synonyms of Hunter:

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Sentence/Example of Hunter:

Brandeburg, a state on Germany’s border with Poland, will adopt measures to contain the disease, restricting the movement of people and livestock close to the outbreak area and ordering hunters to cull wild boar, Kloeckner said.

I can only imagine how all these images of giant scorpions, curling snakes, and snarling predators must have affected the young hunter on his first descent into the darkness, maybe with nothing but the flickering light of a torch.

The soaring prices for wolverine pelts made them popular targets for hunters, she explains, so the wolverine population plummeted throughout the 20th century.

It long held that hunters were men and gatherers were women.

As part of her job, Hunter regularly tests soil pH and levels of nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

Sometimes, Hunter tests new plant varieties in a garden plot.

G was a gamester, who had but ill-luck; H was a Hunter, who hunted a buck.

A very interesting way of studying Ferns is that of collecting the fronds of the species which the hunter may come across.

An old weather-beaten bear-hunter stepped forward, squirting out his tobacco juice with all imaginable deliberation.

Hunter-Weston despite his heavy losses will be advancing to-morrow which should divert pressure from you.