Hygiene [noun]

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There is an awareness of hygiene, and how viruses and vaccines work.

Modern Japan is famed for its attention to cleanliness and personal hygiene.

Judges for the competition, which is split into “traditional” and “specialty” categories, are mostly recruited from the culinary industry, and rank each bowl by color, texture, hygiene, and taste.

Then those schools paid strict attention to social distancing, wearing masks and hygiene, including handwashing and frequent cleaning of classrooms.

Flushing a toilet or urinal has always posed some kind of hygiene risk, as the action creates an interaction between gas and air.

Because our country has a very harsh, dry, and cold climate, every year from November to February we have an awful flu season, and the Ministry of Health always encourages people to practice good hygiene and wash hands, especially young children.

With hygiene front of mind for consumers, sales of products like Dove soap, Domestos bleach and new Lifebuoy sanitizer shot through the roof.

This shame associated with menstruation has lead to poor menstrual hygiene and care causing various health problems in women.

Incidental features of sex hygiene will arise naturally from physical education and can be adequately treated there.

In 1764 he published Economical and Medical Observations, which contained suggestions for improving the hygiene of army hospitals.