Hyperborean [adjective]

Definition of Hyperborean:

pertaining to the north

Synonyms of Hyperborean:

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Sentence/Example of Hyperborean:

The other Hyperborean races do not widely differ in character and physical appearance from those already described.

Like many nations of the Hyperborean group, the Chorotegans of Nicoya pierced the lower lip and inserted a round piece of bone.

His favorite place of abode was in the Hyperborean Mountains, from whence he sallied forth on wild raids.

This last some represent as a Lycian, others as an Hyperborean: and by many he was esteemed an Egyptian.

It was like some Hyperborean hell, and we the doomed wretches sentenced to our eternity of toil.

For it is true that the mission we lay upon you is more difficult than any into the land of the Scythian or Hyperborean.

The third example is Mr. Drummond, the assistant botanist to Franklin in his last hyperborean journey.

At the festival of Apollo at Leucas a victim flung himself from a rock into the sea, like the Hyperborean who was tired of life.

They are everywhere ocean-bound, and the hyperborean north is hemmed in by open polar seas.

What then must be their appearance during the long, trying winter of these hyperborean regions?