Interrogate [verb]

Definition of Interrogate:

ask pointed questions

Synonyms of Interrogate:

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Sentence/Example of Interrogate:

Now the practice of Interrogative Analysis compels such persons to interrogate—to propose questions—to think.

If you are so certain that Enid Orlebar is implicated in the affair, if not the actual assassin, why don't you interrogate her?

His confessor brought to court impostors who pretended that they could interrogate the powers of darkness.

Old Mis' Meade was in the habit of going to bed before the others, and to-night she paused, candle in hand, to interrogate him.

We come now to interrogate our oracle again, and we open the third chapter as we do so.

M. le Commissaire confronted Mr. Mole, and barred his passage to interrogate him.

That is enough; leave it to me; you have, but to interrogate me.

Don Zeno knew that if he did not interrogate the captain, the latter would never make up his mind to speak first.

Two policemen at a corner interrogate a young man who is hot and excited and has no hat.

Nor did Mrs. Finn learn anything from her husband, whom, however, she did not interrogate very closely.