Kiln [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kiln:

The pieces are then moved to a kiln set at 900 degrees for seven hours.

To hear the creature talk about it makes my mouth as a brick kiln and my flesh as that of a goose.

In tar-kiln burning only dead wood is used, the green tree yielding less tar and of lower quality.

The former, brown in colour, are glazed by throwing salt on the bricks in the kiln.

Beside a still smoking lime-kiln an abandoned fire was burning down into red coals.

He built himself a house; he ploughed the land; and then he made a lime-kiln on the very borders of the fairies' home.

Across the river was the hunched sky-line of Doulton's potteries, and a kiln flared redly.

"You never slept in a lime-kiln, I presume," said I, starting from a long reverie.

Pullen, he says as there's a tumble-down lime-kiln in that hollow.

Old master had a big orchard and he dried all the fruit in the kiln—peaches, apples, and pears.