Lens [noun]

Definition of Lens:

glass for vision

Synonyms of Lens:

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Sentence/Example of Lens:

Instead, we have to see this sort of behavior in humans through an entirely different lens, that recognizes how important our cultural systems are in determining what we do as men and women, boys and girls.

That’s a slight downgrade from the similar lens in the S20 Ultra, which had 10X and 100X zooming capabilities.

Companies are having to rethink every aspect of the business through this new lens of rising costs and the on-location experience not being what it was just a few months ago.

Each card gives the reader a different lens on the election.

For Americans, that might mean that questions of whether to stay home, wear a mask or to see friends and family without social distancing are filtered through a partisan lens.

This lens focuses the light, sending it through the liquid-filled globe of the eyeball to the back interior wall of the eye.

As science journalists, we not only explain the workings of science and scientists, we also use science as a lens to examine human behavior, societies and the world around us.

Gorsuch’s opinion examined “on the basis of sex” through both the textualism and originalism lens.

A handful of NIR light patterns were then projected through a lens and into various tissues injected with bioink, which contained both the nanoinitiator and the cells.

The concave shape of the retina—the photoreceptor-laden layer of tissue at the back of the eye—makes it possible to pick up much more light as it passes through the curved lens than it would pick up if it was flat.