Mage [noun]

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She makes the acquaintance of a Chaldsean mage of magnetic personality called Heliobas.

It was a young Greek, who professed great admiration for the mage.

Mr. Tal- mage, true to the fawning, cringing spirit of ortho- doxy, lauds the living queen and cruelly maligns the genius dead.

But if Mr. Tal- mage wishes to know to whom we are indebted for 111 art, let him read the mythology of Greece and Rome.

Is it possible that the God of Mr. Tal- mage could not have made man a success?

When we were engaged in civil war, did Mr. Tal- mage object to any man's enlisting in the ranks who was not a Christian?

Here he proves himself to be worthy of her love which is bestowed upon him with the approval of Father Felix and even of old Mage.

Old Mage will take you to your own room and tell you what little duties you may assume if you wish to do so.

"Le Mage" is a spectacular opera upon a large scale, the action of which takes place in the time of Zoroaster.

He was a follower of Simon Mage, trafficking in holy things, battening upon the superstition of poor humble folk.