Maladjusted [adjective]

Definition of Maladjusted:


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Sentence/Example of Maladjusted:

From a multi-dialed console Ann verbally transmitted a new personality directly into the maladjusted mind.

"The last fiscal mental health report showed the percentage of maladjusted—" She laughed throatily.

And he was not adjusting at all when he came back, so he was very maladjusted.

Well, certainly from his whole situation I would conclude that he was maladjusted.

Had you had the impression that, or did you have the impression that he was generally a maladjusted person?

I got the impression he was very unsatisfied and unadjusted, maladjusted.

The mad glint in his eyes is likely to be nothing more ominous than maladjusted contact lenses.

All she wants is a clinic of her own so that she can help the maladjusted.