Math [adjective]

Definition of Math:

concerning manipulation of numbers

Synonyms of Math:

Opposite/Antonyms of Math:


Sentence/Example of Math:

The math is coming along so well with Taffy's help, keep on with it.

But that Math is right—it's got to be right, no other conclusion is possible.

Tom was well-grounded in math, had to be for his job as pilot.

But not being a math expert, he had never missed not being allowed to see them.

“Try Joe Pepper's room; he's in math recitation,” said Jenk suddenly.

We can flunk Latin and math; but if we flunk any more we're gone.

My math must have been wrong, some factor that I didn't include in the equation.

Latin and Math could be acquired that eveningnoChet was coming over!

And again, "Do not unto another that which you would not have another do unto you," Math.

These two places that seem to contradict one another are Math.