Numerical [adjective]

Definition of Numerical:

concerning manipulation of numbers

Synonyms of Numerical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Numerical:


Sentence/Example of Numerical:

Provisions were abundant and the numerical strength was sufficient.

I learned the numerical strength of the British army, for one thing.

As his men had fled too rapidly to be overtaken, the numerical loss was not great.

The numerical system is the best corrective of this and similar errors.

The speaker then enumerated the numerical strength of his commandos.

What we mean is that the essence of God is true unity, not numerical unity.

The numerical symbolism of the Bible is as yet but little understood.

We forbear to make a numerical estimate: any one may estimate for himself.

The standard of success is not to be a numerical or financial standard.

The elements may be all alike, and their only diversity be numerical.