Mecca [noun]

Definition of Mecca:

center, goal

Synonyms of Mecca:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mecca:

Sentence/Example of Mecca:

They were the messengers and the troops of the Emir of Mecca.

In Hori I encountered a caravan of pilgrims returning from Mecca.

He was tired of men's ingratitude—he had no heirs—he wanted to go to Mecca and die there.

It is good for us to come to this Mecca, the heart of our nation.

The "Caaba" is originally a black stone which is kissed or rubbed at Mecca.

For Dawson was at this time the Mecca of the gambler and the courtesan.

The long expected had happened, and we had made pilgrimage to our Mecca.

At Mecca there was no action, and it surrendered by a compromise.

But there were many new converts at Mecca since the expulsion of the Moslems.

Some of these branches were with Mohammad at the expeditions to Mecca and Honain.