Mom [noun]

Definition of Mom:


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Sentence/Example of Mom:

"We'll go through the woods," said Mom Beck, lifting her over the fence.

"Don't send Mom Beck with me," she pleaded, when the time came to start.

Mom Beck had stepped into the pantry for more eggs for the cake she was making.

His mom said, “Never be ashamed”, But classmates said, “He should be tamed!”

Next weekend my mom and dad are going to Saturn for a barbeque.

He was healthy and enormous, but his mom still wiped his drool.

Mom was following him, her stout body regal in scarlet robes.

The woman in the doorway looked like Mom in the homier political cartoons.

Mom, dozing in the big chair near the fireplace, padded upstairs at nine.

Since Mom had—— He jerked his head around to face the instructor.