Nomenclature [noun]

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The nomenclature of Hegel has been made by himself out of the language of common life.

"It was more a change of nomenclature," replied his dragoman.

But I do not choose to assume this identity in my nomenclature.

Let us now compare the nomenclature of the pre-Persian and Periclean temples.

Its efforts at "national" nomenclature were fortunately in most cases abortive.

You will wonder at this mélange of French and English in the nomenclature of streets.

The nomenclature of plants starts with his "Species Plantarum," 1753.

A curious feature in nomenclature is the local character of some nicknames.

It is clear, however, that the nomenclature of the instruments is erroneous.

Now I would ask, why could these naturalists not let the nomenclature of the boors alone?