Objectively [adverb]

Definition of Objectively:


Opposite/Antonyms of Objectively:

Sentence/Example of Objectively:

Objectively the state is not realizable in the ward of a city.

They are subjective forces, but they are also objectively creative.

Objectively, impersonally considered, the effect was terrific.

I know that is true of his living in us objectively and finally, but that seemeth not to be all.

So I am to tell the story as gently and as objectively as the matter on hand will permit.

I felt now objectively what long ago my mind had felt subjectively.

Objectively, the world in which we are living is the same as that in which our ancestors lived.

I am not placed so that I can say objectively now whether the Syndic is dead or alive.

A tallstone or a longstone is physically and objectively the figure one, 1.

It is no longer possible for him to recall an experience and ponder it objectively.