Palanquin [noun]

Definition of Palanquin:

small attachment for transporting

Synonyms of Palanquin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Palanquin:


Sentence/Example of Palanquin:

I had been trying to see the person who sat in the palanquin.

When their master's palanquin passed, they bowed their heads to the dust, as was proper.

They had with them a god, which they were carrying in a palanquin.

There they set down the palanquin with the queen in it, and started home again.

The palanquin is carried by porters—just as in the drawing given above.

The idol also was taken out of the flames, and finished its journey in a palanquin.

We accordingly at once set to work to construct a sort of palanquin.

The princess was put into this palanquin, and immediately set out for Calais.

He flapped his wings, and instantly a palanquin appeared at the foot of the steps.

How on earth could she go to Benares without all the city knowing her palanquin?'