Republican [noun]

Definition of Republican:

person pursuing or occupying elective office

Opposite/Antonyms of Republican:


Sentence/Example of Republican:

He was a Republican, and a much more advanced Republican than Thiers.

He may be a Republican, and he must uphold with warmth and conviction Royalist theories.

I was already a republican and a freethinker in the days of the Empire.

He next glided into the Free Soil party, and from that to the Republican.

In politics, Mr. Palmer has been a member of the Republican party since its organization.

What a testimonial is this record in favor of republican Boston and Massachusetts!

The Republican party was organized on the eve of the Presidential election of 1856.

He is a free-thinker and a republican—we are church people and Tories.

Southey said that he was no more ashamed of having been a republican than of having been a boy.

I wish, captain, we could make Mr. Dodge a little less of a republican.