Resistive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Resistive:

This morning lies in bed staring, resistive, again she is markedly cataleptic.

There she was described as quiet, mute, tube-fed, resistive.

When interfered with, she was resistive and sometimes let herself fall out of bed.

She soiled, refused food, and was resistive when anything was done to her.

We must give him endurance, quickness of response, and resistive force.

In the midst of this the lungs have their resistive vitality raised so as to throw off the disease.

Suppose, now, that the bacillus took such a new departure, and got ahead of our resistive power.

But more and more she became disinterested, totally inaccessible, resistive, had to be tube-fed.

When kidney disease exists the individual's resistive vitality is much lowered.

The first thing that a man begins to lose through the inroads of age is his resistive power.