Savored [verb]

Definition of Savored:

delight in, enjoy

Synonyms of Savored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Savored:

Sentence/Example of Savored:

But something had happened to K. that savored of the marvelous.

Since the world began, freedom has been at war with all that savored of servitude.

These were words which savored of kingly authority and which were odious to the people.

The whole affair from the beginning has savored of the devils mixing.

She was a proud woman, and hated favors that savored of cash.

Yesterday you addressed me in a fashion that savored of blackmail.

If it were he, his presence there savored of mystery or it savored of the tragic.

Anything that savored of permanency smelled to him of vassalage.

There was a tone in his voice that I liked not, for it savored of pity.

To me it savored of a sort of cowardice, or at least a presumption on my own chivalry.