Sleeper [noun]

Definition of Sleeper:

dress in which to sleep

Synonyms of Sleeper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sleeper:


Sentence/Example of Sleeper:

So keen the blade, so soft the touch, the sleeper did not wake!

The sounding thumps of his hoofs on the ground awoke the sleeper.

She had not withdrawn her hand, when the sleeper opened her eyes and started.

As Joe said this he stared down at the sleeper, a curious tensity in his eyes.

While he was thus engaged, the sleeper, without any starting or turning round, awoke.

She returned to the sofa and stood looking down at the sleeper.

Its yellow light revealed to them a sleeper on the straw in a corner.

The sleeper turned flat on his back, with his face full to the light.

But the heavy hammer––a blow on the upturned temple of the sleeper!

The snarl of the wolf had roused the sleeper from his torpor.