Lingerie [noun]

Definition of Lingerie:

women's undergarments

Synonyms of Lingerie:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lingerie:


Sentence/Example of Lingerie:

This year, the company is trying a new ad campaign aimed at enticing folks to buy a ThirdLove gift card so their significant other can buy lingerie that suits their body and style.

Margaret knelt in a soft flop of scented lingerie beside the indignant young thing.

They brought my laundry back yesterday, and for one piece of silk lingerie I was charged—guess?

The earnings of makers of "imported" lingerie waists sometimes rise as high as $25 a week.

I am sending you a pair of blue silk stockings and a tie to match, to wear with white duck skirts and lingerie waists.

I wonder what Doctor Wright will say when we tell him we caught game fish with a bent pin tied on lingerie ribbon.

Her maid was packing; Constance Palliser's maid was also up to her chin in lingerie, and Constance hovered in the vicinity.

The factory girl has taken to silk stockings and fine lingerie and the lady to Balbriggan and calico.

French lingerie is the sign and symbol of French femininity.

Get out your pink lingerie and your leghorn with the shaded roses.