Unmentionables [noun]

Definition of Unmentionables:


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Sentence/Example of Unmentionables:

He clutched at Lin's unmentionables as he hung head downward.

Then came the turn of my unmentionables, then of my stockings, and so on.

His gloves were white, his unmentionables were white, and so was his waistcoat.

Well, unmentionables, my dear—I thought I should have died with laughter.

So Edith sidled out of the room without looking around at her protege, while Star pulled on her unmentionables.

The knees of the unmentionables, and the elbows of the coat, and the seams generally, soon began to get alarmingly white.

A word belonging to the same squeamish, affected family as unmentionables, inexpressibles, &c.

You didn't make as much disturbance as a mouse in a pair of lady's unmentionables.

His vest was scarlet; his unmentionables drab kerseymere, to which jockey-boots were added.

Alfred insisted that the unmentionables Mrs. Young loaned him should be the basis of his clown suit.