Splashed [noun]

Definition of Splashed:

spattering, impact

Synonyms of Splashed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Splashed:


Sentence/Example of Splashed:

My God, these journalists do love to splash about in their emotions.

When he was on it he heard the splash of oars below him in the Pool, but he took no heed of it.

She heard Artois get in, the boat pushed off, the splash of the oars.

Presently they were dashing into the midst of it, and everything was drowned in the splash and roar.

Then he went under with a splash, and the eager tide had him in its grasp.

If this is a trickle then Noah's flood couldn't have been more than a splash.

It was like a splash of cold water in the face, at once awakening and chilling.

At the first splash of water in his face Teutoberg groaned and rolled over.

He began to strip off his clothes and Lydia, on the rise, heard his splash in the river.

He heard, suddenly, the splash of oars, dipped very gently in the water.