Stressing [verb]

Definition of Stressing:

accentuate, emphasize

Synonyms of Stressing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stressing:

Sentence/Example of Stressing:

"M. le Comte is not with me," she answered, stressing the title.

Some distinguish these by stressing the different syllables.

Roland shivered at the venom that was revealed by the stressing of the word "officially."

Page 299-300, Notes, some of the words were missing the stressing accent.

Tauchnitz claims that it should be pronounced "und," stressing the anti-penult.

He had forgotten his mother's trick of stressing one syllable of a word.

Accentuation is the stressing of the proper syllables in words.

Subsequent authors, stressing differences in the teeth, have placed M. richardsoni in the subgenus Aulacomys of Rhoads.

He told it simply, with no dramatic tricks, no stressing, no climatic crescendos.

In the issue it is justifiable to apprehend that the flexing and stressing of the cross-girders will be considerable.