Italicize [verb]

Definition of Italicize:


Opposite/Antonyms of Italicize:

Sentence/Example of Italicize:

I will italicize the pignut because, though I have never eaten it, I once tried to, and the first taste was all-sufficient.

We italicize the last foregoing words, to make readers see that Montaigne is not to be read for the truth of his instances.

In resolutions, italicize the word Resolved, but not the word Whereas.

But from my knowledge of the men you are going presently to wrestle with, I should say 'no' and italicize it.

The virtues of New England seem to italicize the moral poverty of mankind at large.

She did not italicize the repetition which she carefully made, sure that it would appeal to her brothers humor as it was.

There is not any need to either quote or italicize the names of vessels, unless there would be doubt as to what the name means.

Italicize the signatures of contributors to magazines, etc., when the names appear at the end of the article.

Mr. Courthope does not condescend to italicize his pun; but a swallow-tailed and adder-tongued pun like this must be paused upon.

Some papers and magazines quote magazines and italicize newspapers.