Trees [noun]

Definition of Trees:

large plant enclosed in bark and shedding leaves

Synonyms of Trees:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trees:


Sentence/Example of Trees:

Numerous lamps were lighted in the trees, making the gardens bright as noon.

It was a short distance to the trees—twenty-five to forty yards, perhaps.

Then up the far slope he was lost at once in a host of trees.

And now, looking down the lane among the trees, he saw men surge into it.

It is certainly one of the most remarkable as well as celebrated of trees.

Now he scanned the trees on the edge of the clearing with painful anxiety.

These trees are reputed to have flourished for much more than a thousand years.

He reined the pinto under the trees to look up at that tall, black mass.

As for our harps, we hanged them up upon the trees that are therein.

Never is the city so lovely as in this month of May, when all the trees are in the fullness of their foliage.