Wreath [noun]

Definition of Wreath:

circular decoration

Synonyms of Wreath:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wreath:


Sentence/Example of Wreath:

That wreath it was which should be more dear than a chest of gold to Creon's family and Creon's city.

Nance turned away, and put up her chin to watch a wreath of smoke.

A wreath of roses was tried on, but this too was so unsightly that I refused to wear it.

Such a wreath, then, is made by lovers when they wish to see their 'fate.'

And a wreath of immortelles and a bouquet bought by the Coupeaus were also placed on the coffin.

Dish in the form of a wreath, the one leaning on the other, and put a little jam on each.

All remembered the little brown hat with its wreath of daisies.

Irving died in October, and Clemens ordered a wreath for his funeral.

A necklace was round her neck, and a wreath of flowers upon her head.

The winners are crowned with a wreath or branch of the plant sacred to the god.