Zinc [noun]

Definition of Zinc:

metallic mineral

Synonyms of Zinc:

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Sentence/Example of Zinc:

The roof of the great porch of the kitchen-door was covered with zinc.

The letters were then transferred to the zinc by pressure, so as to be printed from.

It so happened that on that day he was to fix the last sheets of zinc.

Bending over his bench, he was now artistically cutting out his zinc.

Then Gervaise understood that he fancied he was on a roof, laying down sheets of zinc.

The trouble was more to get it level and lash it proper with zinc wire.

Put the carbon and zinc which are attached to the black jar cover into the jar.

One of the best metals to get the hydrogen out with is zinc.

Then the zinc combined with the rest of the acid to form what chemists call a salt.

The metals which are alloyed for this purpose are copper, silver, brass, zinc and tin.