Agoroth [noun]

Definition of Agoroth:

collection of stores in one place

Synonyms of Agoroth:

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Sentence/Example of Agoroth:

You see, the internet, the agora where there’s no field of endeavor obscure enough that YOUR opinion is not only requested but desired, has created monsters.

We find the same ideas to spring up in the agora of Athens, the wilds and snows of Norway, and the heathers and hills of Scotland.

Even in the Homeric State there was a council of elders and an assembly of freemen—an agora—in addition to the king.

As the crowd from the Agora also poured forth, Antonius was finally left on the tribunal sitting alone.

All purchases and exchanges are to be made in the agora, and paid for on the spot; the law will not allow credit to be given.

And so Theramenes was dragged through the Agora, in vehement and loud tones proclaiming the wrongs that he was suffering.

To Abba-Areka was given the post of inspector of markets (Agora-nomos), carrying with it the control of the weights and measures.

His trees extended their cool, umbrageous branches over the merchants who assembled in the Agora, for many generations.

Men were gathering in groups in the Agora, upon the steps of the temples and along the porticoes.

On entering the city he naturally went to the Agora, on the south of which Mars Hill rose abruptly.