Galleria [noun]

Definition of Galleria:

collection of stores in one place

Synonyms of Galleria:

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Sentence/Example of Galleria:

The Galleria impudently makes his home in the houses of bees, wild as well as domesticated.

As soon as it is over I go out for a walk and stroll up and down the Galleria.

The Bee-hive or Wax Galleria is to be met with in all countries where bees are reared.

We thought we would go back and have tea in a new place under the arcades—in the Galleria.

Between these and the Point of Garachina there is a small flat barren island, called Galleria, near which we came to anchor.

A large number of these inscriptions are also inserted in the walls of the Galleria Lapidaria in the Vatican.

This is the honeycomb-moth, of which there are in England two species, both belonging to the genus Galleria.

The species may be easily distinguished by the shape of the wings, Galleria alvearia having, as seen at Figs.

The Galleria dei Candelabri, 300 feet long, filled with small pieces of sculpture.

The entrance is by a door on the left at the end of the Galleria Lapidaria, which leads to the museum of statues.